Foundation 'Kultur im Waldhaus Sils'
For what is not needed - in one word: for the most important things
Implementation of a long-cherished plan

If over the years our forest house has become an actual cultural beacon, a stage and a starting point for cultural commitment that radiates throughout the canton and beyond its borders, it is not because we have only focused our commitment on what has to do with the forest house and benefits the forest house. Especially not now, despite the time!

Would you like to support the "Culture in the Waldhaus Sils" foundation and its objectives?
We look forward to your financial support with an amount of your choice.
In addition, you have the opportunity to support us continuously:

As a Friend
with an annual contribution of EUR/CHF 100

As a Benefactor
with an annual contribution from EUR/CHF 300

As a Promotor
with an annual contribution from EUR/CHF 1000

pdf with all information: download here

Foundation Culture in the Waldhaus Sils
Via da Fex 3
7514 Sils/Segl Maria
Mail: stiftung.kultur@waldhaus-sils.ch


Felix Dietrich (Präsident), Till Löffler, Arthur Godel (back)

Esther Schneider, Urs Kienberger, Larissa Bieler (front)