The Waldhaus has culture. The Waldhaus is culture.

Many impulses came and continue to come from our hotel, which – embedded in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Europe – has accommodated important artists and intellectuals from the very first season.

For us, culture is not just something that takes place in the hotel itself - even though we have become a dedicated event organizer over the decades. We see culture embedded in a larger whole and are part of the Engadine cultural landscape. As hosts and event organizers, we maintain a cultural commitment that transcends cantonal borders, but is rooted in the region.

In order to maintain and promote our cultural program in and around the Waldhaus and in our region, the Stiftung Kultur im Waldhaus was set up under the direction of Felix Dietrich in 2015.

We are very happy if you like our commitment and want to support it. Do you join?
The Board of Trustees and the founders will be happy to answer your questions!

Please contact us.
mail to: stiftung.kultur@waldhaus-sils.ch